Demand for degrees from mature students increasing

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Whilst the Covid pandemic has been tough in so many ways for everyone, some people have decided to rise to the challenge it has presented. A recent story in The Guardian showed that the applications to start nursing degrees in the UK had risen by a third during the pandemic.

It’s great to see how the actions of the NHS and associated caring services have inspired more people to seek to develop their knowledge and experience in that area. Although the data isn’t out yet, we suspect we might see an increase in applications for allied health and social care degrees too.

Part of that increase is perhaps related to a trend picked up by UCAS, the body that oversees applications to UK universities, who believe that when fewer jobs are available, they see an increase in mature students looking to study at university part time.

They’ve noted a trend for mature students to apply to universities close to home, to study vocational subjects – that is subjects more closely related to work than an purely academic subject, and also study part time.

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